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HDPI data

Part of the sample for IHDS was drawn from an earlier study conducted by the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER). NCAER also collaborated in organizing IHDS. The 1993-94 survey, known as Human Development Profile of India (HDPI), was conducted solely by NCAER and is available for use by researchers interested in studying changes over time.

However, researchers interested in using these data should note two caveats:
(1) When HDPI data were collected in 1993-94, there was no expectation of public release. Consequently, documentation has not been carefully maintained. Hence, while all documentation available to the research team is being placed in the public domain, substantial gaps exist and no user support can be provided; and,
(2) In order to maintain confidentiality, only limited contextual information is available.

While the panel data are stripped of as much identifying information as possible, access to data at two time points along with some of the other household level data may make it feasible to identify individual households in some cases. Since a breach of confidentiality could jeopardize current and future research efforts, it is especially important that users recognize the need for confidentiality.

Hence, it is necessary that potential users of panel data agree to the guidelines and restrictions in the attached confidential data use agreement*. This condition has been developed to meet the requirements for the ethical treatment of human subjects set forth by the Ethics Review Committee of the National Council of Applied Economic Research, Delhi and the Institutional Review Board of the University of Maryland, College Park, USA. By signing this agreement, the person requesting panel data agrees to abide by all listed guidelines and restrictions, and acknowledges that any violation of the terms of this agreement may result in punitive action.

*If you are not able to download the form, please email to request it.