Data Availability

IHDS public data files are available from the Data Sharing for Demographic Research program of ICPSR, the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, at ICPSR Study 22626 . Data are free to all users. You do not need to be a member of ICPSR. ICPSR asks that you create a login with your email id and a password. You can then download all data and documentation. 

This is release 3 (17 February 2010). Data include:

Household file: 22626-0002-Data.dta (N=41,554 households; variables=938)

Individual file: 22626-0001-Data.dta (N=215,754 individuals; variables= 211)

Medical facility: 22626-0003-Data.dta (N=3,777 medical facilities; variables= 130)

Non-resident family members: 22626-0004-Data.dta (N=4761 individuals; variables= 22)

Primary school: 22626-0005-Data.dta (N=3,782 schools; variables= 102)

Birth history: 22626-0006-Data.dta (N=93,820 births; variables= 32)

Village data: 22626-0007-Data.dta (N=1,501 villages; variables= 378)

Crop production: 22626-0008-Data.dta (N=40,772 crops; variables= 21)

The household and individual data files contain variables from both the household roster and income and social capital  questionnaire and from the education and health questionnaire.


Data from IHDS-II, 2011-12 are also available.