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This month's IHDS Forum is the 5th Anniversary Edition! In this special issue, we draw attention to the diverse ways in which IHDS data have been used to inform public policy by showcasing some key IHDS-based research outputs.  Enjoy a sneak preview of our download statistics:

IHDS 1 (release date 7/30/08)               
Unique Users                              17,915
Publications                                     701

IHDS 2 (release date 6/25/15)                
Unique Users                               16,090 
Publications                                      567

IHDS Panel Data (release date 11/18/18)
Unique users                                 1,218
Publications                                        15

* From Data Sharing for Demographic Research (DSDR). Generated on 11/11/21.

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Our data are public and free to all users.  Click here for instructions on downloading, linking files, and more.

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