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Two important article reviews this month in addition to op-eds and user papers.  Choudhurri and Desai's (2021) article, "Lack of Access to Clean Fuel and Piped Water and Children's Educational Outcomes in Rural India" is a fascinating look at how children's educational outcomes are influenced by the availability of water and gas.  The authors also find that when women are disproportionately responsible for fetching water and obtaining fuel, all children's scores decrease, particularly boys.

Our second article, by Megan N. Reed, uses the IHDS I and II panel data to track the impact of reproductive transitions on women’s status in the household in India.  The analysis shows that becoming a mother is associated with increased freedom of movement and access to enabling resources.  "Reproductive Transitions and Women’s Status in Indian Households" is a great example of using the panel data time to measure changes over time.

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