News and Events

News and Events

The November IHDS Forum is out! Access it here.

The October IHDS Forum is out! Access it here.

The September IHDS Forum is out! Access it here.

The August IHDS Forum is out! Access it here.

Image of Sonalde Desai, smiling with an orange shirt.  Sonalde Desai, IHDS PI, has been elected President of the Population Association of America.

July 2020 IHDS Forum:  Explore our two papers on caste in the non-farm sector, and gender bias and intergenerational educational mobility. Access it here.

June 2020 IHDS Forum:  Social mobility and gender attitudes of sonless mothers. Access it here.

May 2020 IHDS Forum:  Explore the impact of purdah and women's political leadership.  Access it here.

April 2020 IHDS Forum:  Explore the use of cooking fuels on women's empowerment.  Access it here.

March 2020 IHDS Forum:  What does IHDS tell us about preparing for COVID-19?  Access it here.

The February IHDS Forum is out! Access it here.

IHDS team carried out a interviews on changes in standards of living for 4,828 households living in Rajasthan, Bihar and Uttarakhand. These interviews occurred right after the demonetization in which large currency notes were withdrawn causing a temporary cash crunch. Results from these interviews are available in our latest research and policy brief:“A Glass Half Full: Changes in Standards of Living since 2012”.

The panel file of IHDS waves 1 & 2 is now available at the ICPSR website:

Description from ICPSR: "This particular data collection merges the two waves of IHDS (known as IHDS and IHDS-II) into a harmonized pattern from the perspective view points of individuals, households, and eligible women. The data are presented in three different data formats: cross-sectional, wide, and long to facilitate a broader range of analysis options. "

The January IHDS Forum is out! Access it here.