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How do I merge IHDS data files?


I could not locate the information related to short-term migration (question numbers 4.2 to 4.11 in 'income and social capital questionnaire') in the IHDS-2 data files. Kindly let me know which data file has this information.

My other query is regarding long-term migration. I see papers based on IHDS data providing estimates for long-term migration. I would like to understand how it is estimated/ which variables are used, please. For example, in the paper titled 'Male Migration from Rural India: Divergent Pathways to Long‐Term and Circular Migration', Desai and Chatterjee have apparently estimated proportion of long-term migrants (duration more than 7 years) using the longitudinal data. It would be greatly helpful if I can get the details of how it was calculated.

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Individual data file has short term migration information included in it.

Long term migration data comes from tracking data file.