Downloading IHDS-II Data

IHDS-II public data files are available from the Data Sharing for Demographic Research program of ICPSR, the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, at ICPSR Study 36151 (IHDS-II).

This is release 1 (31 July 2015).

See the IHDS-I data page to download data from the first wave. 

Data include: Household file: 36151-0002-Data.dta (N=42,152 households; variables=758)

Individual file: 36151-0001-Data.dta (N=204,569 individuals; variables= 339)

Eligible Woman file: 36151-0003-Data.dta (N=39,253 women; variables= 581)

IHDS-I Tracking file: (N=208,485; variables=81)

Non-resident family members: (N=4761 individuals; variables= 22)

Birth history: (N= births; variables= )

Medical facility: (N= medical facilities; variables= )

Primary school: (N= schools; variables= )

Village data: (N=1,410 villages; variables= 741)

Wages and salaries: (N=64,289 jobs; variables=73)

An IHDS-II Users' Guide can be downloaded here; it was not initially available from the ICPSR website. Copies of the Income & Social Capital and the Education & Health questionnaires can be downloaded from the Questionnaires page.

These IHDS-II .pdf files have been updated since those posted on the ICPSR site.

PLEASE NOTE: We are working hard to get the following data sets out as soon as possible. We do urge scholars not to plan time sensitive projects around these files as we cannot promise their availability by a specific date. Future releases will include: Youth file: (N=12,553 youth 15-18; variables= 806) Crop production: (N=45,990 crops; variables= 149) 2011 Census districts