The best overview are documentation for Release 01, and Brief of IHDS-II Survey available as a .pdf file.


The ICPSR variable-by-variable codebooks can be downloaded from ICPSR. Bookmarked .pdf copies of these codebooks are available:

Household file 606 pages 12.7Mb
Individual file 106 pages 3.8Mb

A detailed topic and codebook index is also available. Questionnaires can be downloaded from the questionnaire page. Each of the data files contain variables from both questionnaires:

Source: Household file Individual file
Geographic & constructed variables 44 vars 46 vars
Household Roster and Economic Questionnaire 377 vars 73 vars
Education and Health Questionnaire 503 vars 81 vars
Learning Tests 0 vars 11 vars

DSDR Data Guide for IHDS I: